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CAMBOUIS Refill bottle


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Die nachfüllbare Flasche für „Cambouis Luxus“.

This virile, sensual, and complex fragrance completely beguiles women… when it is worn by men.

Why? Because Didier Gaglewski sought to break away from the ambiguity found in current men’s fragrances. No concessions are made here for men’s “feminine side”: the man who wears Cambouis is resolutely masculine in his very essence…

The composition is made in the Grasse region from top-quality ingredients (cedar, cade, basil, birch essence…). Its clever, opaque bottle, a tip of the hat to the world of auto racing, ensures optimal perfume quality and lets any man, from manager to rambler, take his fragrance with him as he travels…

Built upon slightly hydrocarbonic and burned notes, this uncommon fragrance is also refined, fresh, and dynamic.


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