Créateur de Parfums

magasin2Didier Gaglewski was born in Grasse and thus instinctively « nose » the city’s historic trade of perfume composition. He first began presenting his creations at shows in Provence, then in Paris, Germany, and Switzerland.

Both an artist and a craftsman, he decided to offer his aromatic art to the world on his own, believing that customers would value fragrances that embody quality, originality, and a fundamental respect for perfume composition, while representing the best of their inner and outer selves.

Didier is an exacting creator and every one of his perfumes, crafted in the privacy of his own laboratory, requires several months of research. In partnership with Michelle Cavalier and « Le Jardin de la Bastide », magasinDidier also remains very close to the world of flowers and treasures working on, with, and for the earth. His research to rediscover extraction techniques passed down through the generations and the perfume plants specific to this region is what makes his approach so very personal, so truly authentic.

This website was created in January 2009 at the request of satisfied customers wanting to find Didier’s perfume creations online. The shop at 12 rue de l’Oratoire in Grasse, just steps away from the International Perfumery Museum (MIP), is where all his established perfumes and his most recent fragrance blends can be experienced.