Affranchie is a top-quality perfume that is 90% organic


Product Description

You are a dusky, passionate woman. You are bright and cheerful, whimsical, a bit temperamental, and you bite energetically into the apple that is Life.
Your clear, ringing laughter is free and easy. You have one foot solidly in childhood, and when you take it out to don a sober air, we know that it won’t last the batting of an eyelash.

Affranchie is made for you :
• Vanilla and coconut add a sweet, soft, and sultry touch of exoticism, expressing your appetite for life and your sensuality.
• The unexpected combination of neroli and tuberose create a bewitching air of mystery.
• Sandalwood rests like precious silk upon your skin.

Affranchie is a top-quality perfume that is 90% organic and contains more than 90% natural raw materials, as do all our perfumes.
Affranchie is presented in an elegant bottle, to hold its own amidst your necklaces, jewelry box, and most precious accessories…


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