The search for Life’s beauty


Product Description

The timeless woman, in all her complexity, with her doubts and confidence. The unusually high quantity of rose essence in this perfume expresses all the richness and subtlety of the flower and of femininity.

The search for Life’s beauty, Life’s simple pleasures, where the beauty lies in their very simplicity. You need not speak a word – your inner elegance speaks for you. De Mémoire de Rose is a “soliflore”, with a score of delicate ingredients creating a fresh and verdant setting for the exquisite purity of the rose.

Strong, yet fragile; rich, yet pure; simple, yet nuanced. “De Mémoire De Rose” is made for all those who have lived challenging chapters in life and yet preserved their inner glow. Strength and sobriety that are reflected in the luxurious bottle holding this superb perfume.


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