Product Description

The man who wears this Eau de Cologne appreciates art and lives in a world of refinement and beauty. Both the bottle and the exceptionally high-quality ingredients it contains – natural essences in unequalled proportions – are reflections of this character.

Gaglewski Eau de Cologne starts the day off at a brisk pace for the dynamic and energetic man who wears it: bergamot, orange, and lemon add zesty freshness, while star anis keeps step with the times.

The subtlety and finesse of neroli then generates a sophisticated, refined edge. Gaglewski Eau de Cologne is distinct and brisk, yet has gentleness and presence.

This Eau de Cologne was hailed by the ;noses” of Grasse when first unveiled, and now wins acclaim on the broader field of the world’s Eaux de Cologne.


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