Product Description

Rêve de Soie is a fragrance that is perfect for stylish, cultured women.
This very intricate perfume is nobly composed with Mysore sandalwood, jasmine, and Madagascar vanilla, creating a legacy of harmoniously orchestrated effects:
• Rêve de Soie opens with fresh, solar notes including orange, tangerine, and bergamot, like a journey into the heart of the Garden of the Hesperides,
• Then Rêve de Soie glides into floral notes of iris and jasmine, then amber… announcing the sensual presence of the woman who wears it.
• The perfume’s warm and silky character is revealed as time passes and the Mysore sandalwood develops.

Women can wear Rêve de Soie for an elegant evening at the theater or opera, in an ambiance of evening gowns, gilded décor, and the subtle sheen of velvet seats, or don it for everyday wear, for those who feel dressier with a touch of refined perfume.

The sober, modern bottle holding Rêve de Soie adds its own note of preciosity.


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